Toilet Training Boys Can Be Easier Than You Think

Boys may also take longer than girls since they have to learn toilet training in two steps instead of one like girls. They have to learn about sitting on the potty and then mastering the stand up way. However, every boy will catch on in his own way, whether just a mother is involved or both parents are helping.

The first learning stages of toilet training boys should be the sit down method. Bowel movements and urination usually occur at the same time so it makes sense to start them off sitting down so they at least get the idea of going to the potty. Once your boy has learned to potty in the sitting position, then you can start to introduce him to standing up for urination. The key to this method, is having an active grown male adult to show him exactly how it is done. The best way to learn this standing up method and minimising spillage is by using some sort of cereal such as Cheerios. This cereal is then used by putting a few in the toilet bowl and having your child try to aim for them while urinating.

A very important aspect of toilet training boys to remember is making sure they learn to protect themselves. Most parents teach them to raise the seat while they are going potty but many boys have been hurt by the seat falling back down on them after they have finished. Holding the seat up through the whole process will help to keep this from happening. Furthermore, if you are to use a potty chair that has a urine guard attached, you may want to remove it. It is there so that there are no sprays of urine, but cleaning up a little spill is much better than your boy sitting down and scraping his equipment.

My three children, two girls and a boy, are now all grown adults and my memories of the early days when I was assisting my wife with toilet training have well and truly faded away from my memory. But, observing the happenings as each of my three children coped with the training of my eight grandchildren, particularly toilet training boys, many of the memories have quite vividly returned. It is this that prompted me to put down some of my thoughts on the subject.Additionally, for more of my thoughts on toilet training I’d like to recommend that you go to toilet training boys. At that site you’ll also have access to links to ‘potty training girls’ and thoughts on what is the right ‘toilet training age’.