Get Rid of Tear Stains

Tears stains are common in light colored dogs, mainly because they are more visible. The stains may still be occurring in dark colored dogs, you just can’t see them.

What are tear stains?

Tear stain effect most dogs at some time in their lives. They are the dark stains you see streaking from the dogs eyes. Tear stains are caused by tears seeping out of the eyes, dripping down the fur on the face and staining it.

What do they look like?

tear-stains  these are tear stains tear stains on white dog typical tear stains

Tear stains look unsightly but they rarely cause any serious problems. The problems could be what are causing the stains to occur in the first place.

What causes tear stains?

The cause of tear stains can be a medical condition in the eye but the usual cause is either an allergy or an irritation of some kind in the eye.

Hairy dogs seem to suffer more, probably because of the hair growing to close and into the eye…Basically poking your dog in the eye.

In some cases it is just the natural design of the dogs eye that is causing it. The eyelid may not be deep enough to contain the tears.

If the seepage is excessive or gunky you should take your dog to the vet immediately as this could be a sign of infection or deeper problems.

How to stop tear stains?

Although tear stains are usually harmless, most people still try to stop them. There are many solutions to stop tear stains that people have come up with over the years but some dogs are just prone to them.

Most solutions to stop tear stains are easy to try at home.

Home remedies for tear stains

  • Change your dogs water. Many people have found that simply swapping your dogs water to bottled water will reduce the tear stains considerably. Its extremely effective but bottled water can get quite expensive so a cheaper way is to pre-boil all your dogs water and this works just as well.
  • Trim the hair around your dogs eyes, preventing them from poking him in the eye.
  • Check for infections or inflammations in or around the eyes.

How to get rid of tear stains?

Once the tears start flowing it isn’t long before the black tear stains begin to show under the eyes.

How do you get rid o tear stains? You clean them off! They aren’t tattoos, the good news is that tear stains are relatively easy to remove.

Most of the time you can remove them with boiled water and some cotton wool.  However sometimes the stains are a little bit more difficult to remove. If you are having trouble getting rid of the stains you could try using white vinegar instead of water, being careful not to get too much in the eye. Again cotton wool is the best cleaning implement as it is soft and soaks up just enough liquid to do the job.

If neither of these two options work then there are commercially available products that are specially designed to get rid of tear stains.

One such product is angel eyes. This is a popular product that you can get from any pet supplier and most people say it works great.

Conclusions and Key Points

  • Tear stains are rarely a major problem
  • Get them checked out of they are gunky or yellow or green colored
  • Wipe them away with boiled water
  • Change your dogs drinking water to pre-boiled water