Teach Your Dog To Lie Down

Teaching your puppy to lie down is easier than you think. Once you have taught your dog to sit you can get him to lie down.

Once your dog is sitting down on command you can move forward and teach him to lie down.

Why teach him to lie down? Because it teaches discipline and keeps your dogs mind active. The more he learns, the more his brain will develop and the easier it will be to teach him more and more tricks.

How to teach your dog to lie down?

You should start by getting a few treats in your hand and making him sit. Once he has sat down you should put the treat to his nose and lower it to the floor and say ‘lie’ as he lies down. Release the treat once he lies down.

Dogs will sometimes lie down without any further action but sometimes they need a little more convincing. You can gently push them down into the lie position whilst saying ‘lie’, give him a treat once he lies down.

Can you teach every dog to lie down?

Yes, eventually. Contrary to what you might think, dogs often don’t like to lie down on command and they will sometimes just make a little gesture to lie down instead of actually hitting the deck. Don’t give in,withhold the treat until he has actually lay down.

Most dogs can be taught to lie down relatively easily but you will always get the odd one or two that just don’t seem to want to lie down but be patient and practice.

Once your dog can sit and lie down on command it opens the door to some more advanced tricks.