Different Ways to Toilet Train Your Cat

A cat owner can come up with quite a few reasons why they would want to toilet train their kitty with a cat toilet trainer. One of the biggest reasons is that kitty litter is gross and unsanitary. Each time your cat scratches around in a dirty litter box, they get urine and feces stuck in their toes and nails. After their visit to the litter box, your cat will then get on the furniture spreading germs with their dirty paws. Some cats are even able to get onto the counters and could possibly contaminate your food.

With the use of a cat toilet trainer, toilet training your kitty is a breeze. A cat toilet trainer will aid you in teaching your cat to use the toilet in the bathroom rather than doing its business in a litter box. Be warned, you will need a lot of patience to train your kitty. When toilet training your kitty, it does not matter what brand you purchase for a cat toilet trainer. No matter which one you buy, it will take quite a awhile for your kitty to become used to it.

But, if you are diligent and patient, you can throw out that stinky old litter box. Consistency is the key when it comes to toilet training your cat. If you neglect your cat’s training just a little bit, you may be forced to start all over again. Your kitty may also be traumatized and unwilling to tolerate any more toilet training. Do not attempt to hurry the process, just go slowly and you will avoid any problems. Positive reinforcement in the forms of praise and treats will also help to reward your kitty when it cooperates with toilet training.

Cats like to make their owners happy and will be more productive on the cat toilet trainer when given positive feedback. Cats will be more inclined to use the cat toilet trainer if it has positive experiences associated with it. If you have multiple cats, you can train them all at the same time. Just remember to give each cat a treat when each one uses the trainer. It does not matter how old your cat is, as a it is never too early or too late to toilet train them. Older cats, though, may be bit slower than a younger cat when it comes to grasping the concept of using the toilet.

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