Cats Toilet Training

puppy toilet training
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Day 357…
Enzo will do anything to stay cool inside. Including laying near the toilet. Or maybe it’s just that he likes the orange. I know I do.
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Finding the ability to train your cat to use the house toilet has been an on going concept for decades. Over the last several years, such training has become popular. Most people would like to have the smell of that stinky cat litter removed forever from their home. Some people, such as pregnant women, really suffer some health problems as a result of cat urine and feces and need other options for their kitty to use the bathroom other than a litter box. These are just some of the people who may need to learn cats toilet training methods.

This should be done at a slow pace when offering any cats toilet training. Slowly work with your cat to get the idea across to them. You can’t just toss your cat on your toilet and expect that they will know what to do. This could in turn cause your cat to be traumatized and will not work. You will need to take slow, steady steps while being patient with your cat so that it will be ready to use the toilet in the bathroom.

In order to actually train your cat, you will need to buy a cat toilet seat. This will aide in getting your cat to use the toilet. This tool should not be used right away. This may confuse your cat and cause them to use other areas of your home that you would rather them not use for doing their business. They could start going in a corner, under the bed or behind the couch if they are uncomfortable with using the new cat toilet seat.

You should gradually work up to a point where your cat will know how to use the toilet. You can not just push your cat to do this or anything else until they are ready. Start by putting your cats litter box into the bathroom so that they will get used to being in that area for going to the potty. Also, you could position the cat toilet seat and introduce it to your cat.

This is of course the single most important step in offering your cats toilet training. Once your cat has gotten used to using their cat toilet seat, the litter box can completely be removed. This alone will force your cats to use only the cat toilet seat.

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