Bidu: the cutest puppy (^^)

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Bidu: the cutest puppy (^^)
cute puppies
Image by ♡Blackangelツ
My friend gave this cute little thing to her boyfriend (^^)
Isn’t he a lucky guy? 😀

This picture was taken by my drooled, (and very happy) friend 🙂

Puppy (32000+views thank you! )
cute puppies
Image by Adventures with my dogs
In loving memory 22April – 10 July
Ghost passed away this morning from parvo after 10 days in the doggie hospital.
We will miss you dearly

He was my life, my only friend,
Who’s head rested on my lap,
Who’s fluffy ears were always perked,
And always seemed to flap.
He was my friend, the only thing,
That kept me going on,
Who gave me all his heart and then,
Well, then he was gone.
One day I called to him from pasture,
Hoping he would come,
But that day my dear friend,
Never reached home.
Now on the beach I think back on,
The dog who’s heart was my home,
Like little pawprints in the sand,
He was gone.