Puppy Health Checklist

There is nothing like the feeling when you get your new puppy. A cute, cuddly ball of fur waiting to give you all his love and attention.

One thing that some people neglect to do is look past the health of a puppy in favour of its looks. Yes its important to you but he also needs to be healthy to avoid heartbreak later on.

Below is a puppy health checklist of things you should look at before and after you get your puppy.

Health checks before you buy your puppy

  • The puppies surroundings will say a lot about the breeders attitude. Is this just a business to them, or do they actually care? Are they generally clean? You could excuse the odd mess here and there but the puppies should not be caked in it. Is there sufficient water for the amount of dogs? Is there enough space for them to run around?
  • Check the puppy from head to toe. The nose should be cold and wet but not running or oozing. Gums should be pink, not white. The eyes should be crystal clear, any sign of clouding is bad news. Check for flees and any signs of fur loss or lumps and bumps that may indicate skin parasites.
  • Watch the puppy walk around. Check for limping or any general faults when he walks. A well rested and healthy puppy will be energetic and alert to what is going on around him.
  • A sociable dog is more likely to bond with other dogs later in life. Although it is true that any dog can change behavior you may as well get off on the right foot!
  • Check his vaccinations, particularly when/if they have had their 8 week injections (See below)
  • His coat should be shiny and free from bald patches.

Puppy Vaccinations

Once you get your new puppy home you can relax a little and just keep your eye on them….Until the dreaded injections! Your puppy isn’t immune to infections and as such your puppy will need a helping hand. He will have his first set of injections at about 8 weeks old and then another set at around 12 weeks. These injections are vital but it is worth noting that he wont actually be vaccinated until two weeks after the second set of injections have been given and you will need to keep him indoors.

And that’s not the end of it, your dog should have a booster every year.

Vaccination Side Effects

It is rare but there may be some minor side effects. Puppy may become irritable and sleepy. This is nothing to worry about and should pass in a couple of days. If you have any concerns at all then contact your local surgery.

Vaccination Costs

Vaccination costs vary wildly and you should contact your local surgery to find out specifics.



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